DCCC email warns of Kochs’ ‘secret gathering of billionaires’


Uh oh. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has finally gone full conspiracy kook.

The official campaign arm of the House Democrats has flirted with Koch Brothers paranoia before. But today’s DCCC fundraising email reportedly reads like Roseanne Barr’s diary, minus the sanity.

Trilateral burgers and chemtrail chicken sandwiches for everyone!

Imagine the embarrassment if the National Republican Congressional Committee sent an email blast about President Obama’s birth certificate. Imagine if the GOP was willing to dabble in fringe nuttery in the hopes of capitalizing on left-wing fears of the shadowy Kochtopus.

But no. There’s no embarrassment on the Left when the DCCC uses the oh-so-fearsome Koch bogeyman to raise a few bucks. Instead, MSNBC is happily parroting the cuckoo pants talking point of the day.

MSNBC: The Koch brothers are meeting again! In secret! Huge public policy implications! Different, somehow, from rich lefty donor meetings!

— Byron York (@ByronYork) June 23, 2012

CBS is fanning the conspiracy flames.

While Romney and his Republican allies are busy cultivating donors in Utah, the Koch brothers will be in San Diego holding a convention designed to help them generate hundreds of millions of dollars to advance conservative causes. At least we think they will: The event is shrouded in secrecy, and neither representatives for Koch Industries nor a number of expected attendees contacted by CBS News would even confirm that it is taking place.

Wealthy people attending a convention? Heaven forfend! And to add insult to injury, they won’t drop a sound bite for CBS? Shadowy!

Hey, DCCC, next time you put together your fundraising emails Mad Libs-style, try not to fill in the blanks with Daily Kos rants and tweets from the progressive Twittersphere.

Media won't tell you but I will- VP candidates attending KOCH's secret meeting are there for the KOCHs scrutiny-they will pick Romney's VP

— MiddleclassVote (@Voter99percent) June 23, 2012

Wonder if Limbaugh & Rupert Murdoch are attending KOCH Brothers' secret gathering of Am constitution & democracy haters? Propaganda puppets.

— MiddleclassVote (@Voter99percent) June 23, 2012

Koch Brothers are holding a secret gathering of billionaires this weekend to strategize how to buy/rig the election & destroy Obama.

— Carol Green (@cleoranger) June 23, 2012

Koch brothers having secret meeting of #GOP millionaire power players in West coast. Does this sound like #Democracy and freedom protection?

— The Mezzo Report (@TheMezzoReport) June 23, 2012

Romney UT meeting w Koch etc. How much funds needed to buy fraud election ie Falsify voting machines, goons, lie ads, voter suppression etc?

— Positively Joan (@PositivelyJoan) June 23, 2012

Actually, never mind. Go ahead and use those tweets for your next email. You have our blessing.


One of the many reasons Koch is great: They don't cringe in fear from leftist attacks http://t.co/x8i2eL7B HT @ByronYork

— Nathan Wurtzel (@NathanWurtzel) June 23, 2012

Get ready for another DCCC email blast. Here’s a shadowy, secretive statement on transparency sent to MSNBC by Robert A. Tappan, director of external relations for Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC.

Privacy and confidentiality in the advancement of ideas are also held by many on the left including your guest Lee Fang’s former employer, the Center for American Progress, and his current employer, United Republic, neither of which disclose their donors. Another guest on your show, Alicia Menendez, is an advisor for New Democrat Network, which assures its donors that their contributions will never be made public.  Similarly, Professors Jamieson and Edelman are involved with groups that keep the identity of donors private and confidential.  Moreover, academic conferences like the ones that Professors Jamieson and Edelman participate in, are often closed to press.  Likewise, we assume the editorial meetings for your own show are closed to your competitors and the public.

All contributions to political campaigns made by Koch are disclosed and publicly available as required by law.  Issue advocacy groups, however, have every right to keep their contributors private and confidential, which is an important principle that Americans have held dear since the founding of our country.  That privacy protects individual citizens from retribution and harassment by the government — the very kind that we have experienced when President Obama and his senior aides have attacked us for exercising our First Amendment rights of free expression concerning public policy issues.  This harassment has included a constant barrage of threatening invective, misleading advertisements by the President’s re-election campaign, and false insinuations concerning Koch’s tax status that led to a federal investigation of the Administration.  Further, some of the media coverage of Koch, including coverage by MSNBC, has led to death threats and threats of violence against Charles Koch and David Koch and our employees.

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Top ICE official steps down as investigation starts over missing money


From WFAA:

Nuria Prendes, the top agent in Dallas for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, has resigned under a cloud of controversy.

News 8 has learned her department is under investigation for possibly mishandling cash belonging to immigration detainees.

Sources say the oversight of ICE director Nuria Prendes may be one of questions raised in that investigation. Last year, her office was responsible for removing 16,000 illegal immigrants from the country.

Last Friday, Prendes announced she will retire at the end of the month.

ICE says Prendes is currently on leave and will not return. She was not at her home on Tuesday, when News 8 went to see her, and she has not returned our messages seeking comment.

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These 20 Gifs Present Your Cup Of Instant Karma For The Day.

It’s always satisfying to watch people get what’s coming to them. It’s even better when what immediately happens is a direct result of their own (stupid) actions. Check out these hilarious gifs for some perfect examples of immediate comeuppance.  

This is what happens when you try to throw off his groove.

Trying to look cool usually results in something like this.

This guy’s butt is the best soccer player of the lot.

This is what happens when you throw yourself off balance just to be a jerk.

“Oh, I’m sorry, were you trying to get my attention?”

“If you like the great outdoors so much, you go outside.”

Always check your blind spot before being a jerk. (Or, maybe just don’t be a jerk.)

You know you still have to pay for those, right?

“Oh no! I never assumed this would happen when I threw my bag at the edge of a pier!”

That ball had enough of your abuse.

You’d think that people would stop throwing oversized balls at each other when this seems to be a pretty common side effect.

You know everyone in the surrounding vehicles are giggling right now.

Luckily the sign knew how to defend itself.

We’re telling you: Don’t mess with signs. They’re tougher than they look.

Karma helps, but reflexes are also your friend.

We doubt she’ll try the water-balloon-over-her-friend’s-head prank again.

Karma also appears in the animal kingdom.

“Oh, thanks, man! I love these!”

Had she planned a bit more carefully, she would have rethought the socks.

Let this be a lesson to you if you’re thinking of pranking someone, attacking an innocent sign, or trying to cheat at driving. And for the love of puppies and kittens, don’t throw yoga balls at anyone; those are going to come back at you. 

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NYC Charter School Group Will Send 9,000 Students To Pro-Charter Rally

9,000 students at Success Academies will be bused to a rally in Albany calling for the limit on new charter schools to be lifted. It’s on the same day as the teachers’ union lobbying day.

21,000 people attended a New York City pro-charter rally last year. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images) Andrew Burton / Getty Images

School will be closed tomorrow for 9,000 students at Success Academies, New York City’s most prominent charter school chain. Instead of class, the charter schools — which operate as government-funded public schools — will bus their students to Albany for a political rally that happens to coincide with the lobbying day of the school’s biggest foe, the United Federation of Teachers.

The move to shut down schools drew criticism last year, when Success first sent its students to an political rally that had been scheduled to clash with a rally a few blocks away held by New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, who had opposed the expansion of Success. And like last year, attending the rally is essentially the only option for for students: the schools aren’t providing alternative childcare. (Success told Capital New York that teachers, who are also required to attend, will instruct students on the bus.)

“I still have a deep belief that no public school system should be closed for a political rally,” said Daniel Dromm, a New York City council member. “These students and parents don’t have a choice.”

Tomorrow’s rally is organized by the nonprofit Families for Excellent Schools, which said that more than 160 charter schools would be represented at the rally. Charters and their supporters hope to encourage New York lawmakers to raise the state’s cap on charter schools, which has put a stopper on the rapid growth of Success and other charters. Success plans to open 14 new schools this year, on top of the 32 that it already runs in the city, but will not be able to open any new schools in 2016 unless the cap is raised.

The rally’s organizers argued against the idea that charter students would be missing out on class time because of the rally, given that charters traditionally have significantly longer school days than public schools.

“Most of these charter schools could hold a rally that lasted for a month and still give their students more days in the classroom than district schools hampered by a failing, self-interested bureaucracy,” a representative of Families for Excellent Schools told BuzzFeed News.

Not coincidentally, the United Federation of Teachers will use tomorrow to lobby against raising that charter cap. The New York teachers’ union argues that charters unfairly divert money from traditional public schools.

Success is backed by some of the state’s most prominent figures, from Wall Street billionaires Dan Loeb and Paul Singer to former journalist Campbell Brown to Governor Andrew Cuomo, who made a surprise appearance at last year’s rally. The school has also racked up impressive test scores, managing to dramatically outscore students in the city and in many of the state’s wealthiest school districts.

But its use of students in political protests has some questioning its approach. “They’re doing this to get a show of numbers,” said Councilman Dromm. “If we were to close New York City public schools, we could bus in a million people, but we have an educational philosophy that says we don’t do that.”


This story has been updated to include a statement from Families for Excellent Schools. BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { document.getElementById(“update_article_update_time_5145591”).innerHTML = UI.dateFormat.get_formatted_date(‘2015-03-03 14:57:33 -0500’, ‘update’); });

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Dana Loesch interviews ‘Jesse Ventura’ for The Blaze TV [photo]


He’s been all over the media this week due to his legal victory over the widow of murdered “American Sniper” Chris Kyle, so it was quite the coup for Dana Loesch to score an interview with Jesse Ventura on her TheBlaze TV show “Dana” on Friday. Loesch posted a photo of her guest on Instagram.



After watching #DANA @theblaze
It is time for a DUEL~
How bout #VENTURA in da RING
Against #DANA in her BLING~
& Dana decks'm ~ how CRUEL— God'sGift (@POETreeOTIC) August 01, 2014

Update: Here’s another must-see behind-the-scenes photo:


Editor’s note: A typo in the headline of this post has been corrected.


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